The Athens Conservatoire College of Music offers an exceptional learning environment. Students and teaching staff have access to a wide array of facilities for teaching, academic research and performance. 

Digital Centre for the Performing Arts

dlThe Digital Centre for the Performing Arts houses state-of-the-art interactive videoconference technology facilitating novel programmes which connect students, educators, and distinguished artists across different institutions and countries around the globe.

The facility greatly enhances our capability to host or participate in master classes, organize seminars, private instruction and remote auditions, or even to live-stream concerts over the web. The high-speed broadband internet connection is made possible thanks to a direct link to the backbone of GRNET, the official national body which provides networking and cloud computing services to academic and research institutions all over Greece and advises the government about the digital transformation strategy for the public sector.

The novel facility is unique in Greece and was made possible thanks to the generous and enthusiastic support of the Schwarz Foundation

Research Centre & Archives of Athens Conservatoire


Leonard Bernstein, Dimitri Mitropoulos

The Athens Conservatoire Centre for Research and Documentation (ACCRD), was initially founded in 2015 to rescue from oblivion and decay the extensive historical archives of the institution and essentially reconstructs, not just the history of the Conservatoire itself, but also the history of musical life in Athens during the last 150 years. The centre participates and contributes to international fora like the IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres), organizes various exhibitions, publishes scientific papers and a magazine.

Thanks to private funding, the centre is currently developing an extensive collective editorial project for a History of Music in Contemporary Greece, to appear on the occasion of the conservatoire’s 150th jubilee year in 2021.

The Centre also hosts, supports and collaborates with other significant research centres and archives, a portfolio which currently includes the Contemporary Music Research Centre (CMRC), co-founded in 1979 by Iannis Xenakis and others.

Finally, thanks to public funding, the Centre is about to embark on a large scale digitization project of its archive. 

The "Aris Garoufalis" Concert Hall

αγThe “Aris Garoufalis” venue is a small-sized concert hall ideally suited for chamber music ensembles, smaller orchestras and intimate stage performances.

Its distinctive architectural design exemplifies the modernist spirit of the building and its prominent architect, Ioannis Despotopoulos and was completely renovated, architecturally and acoustically, in 2017 thanks to a donation by the Friends of Aliki Vatikioti for Music and the Arts Foundation.

The concert hall is regularly used for the needs of our students and staff, hosting music exams, auditions, rehearsals as well as concerts, music competitions and other cultural events.

Audiovisual Labs

labsThe iconic building that houses the Athens Conservatoire currently undergoes a publicly-funded major renovation and modernization project. Part of this project is the development of a dedicated specialized audiovisual lab complex which will host an array of modern equipped studios for recording and electronic processing of sound and image, rooms for music rehearsals and training oriented to musicians.

The studios are located in the second basement of the building and have the appropriate sound and sound insulation equipment for rehearsals of music bands, high quality professional recordings and seminars or workshops. They can be used by students & staff, individual artists and performing groups.

A major goal of the labs is to support youth entrepreneurship particularly in the fields of performing arts, including music of course.