Awarding Excellence in Music Performance


From September 2021, the Athens Conservatoire College of Music (ACCM) will deliver a new Bachelor of Music programme in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London.
This will enable successful graduates to receive an internationally-recognised UK degree award following a four-year programme of study at the premises of the Athens Conservatoire.

The programme is designed to blend performance practice and academic inquiry in the field of Western Art Music, approached through artistic, historical and pedagogical perspectives. It encompasses a broad spectrum of historical and contemporary repertoires and offers students numerous alternative pathways and specialisations individually adaptable to their specific talents and future career interests as performing musicians, researchers in music performance, or music educators.


The programme aims at training instrumentalists and vocalists either as professional solo or ensemble performers, or as academically informed and efficient educators, and provides a foundation for postgraduate study in the field of Western Art Music. Students who have successfully completed the programme will possess abilities in their chosen profiles and pathways such as technical fluency, stylistic awareness, interpretive creativity and pedagogical efficacy, along with flexible and transferable skills such as ease of communication and self – expression through both traditional and new media, a developed artistic creativity and cogent critical thinking, as well as a solid general music education.


Summative and formative assessment of the programme outcomes takes place across the programme. Individual modules deploy the most effective and appropriate assessment methods according to the topic and learning outcomes. Assessment methods comprise:

  1. An instrumental or vocal performance, either solo or in ensemble, in the form of concert, recital, music theatre performance or in-course performance.
  2. An oral presentation that demonstrates an ability to articulate and cogently present research results, arguments and understandings relevant to tasks and responds to feedback in discussion with peers and tutors.
  3. An oral or written examination that demonstrates knowledge as well as the ability to apply informed reasoning and provide answers to set questions
  4. A coursework portfolio that demonstrates the ability to undertake one or more practical or creative tasks in response to specific criteria (a composition, a recorded musical performance, an arrangement or transcription, an analytical graph), and writing a short self-evaluation
  5. A written document of varying length that demonstrates the ability to apply reasoning and critical thinking to a set question, comparative or analytical task, conduct independent research and produce an academic argument that can be supported by evidence and examples, or to provide self-reflective commentary

In year 4, students will be expected to demonstrate performative creativity, technical fluency and professional command of stagecraft in final full-length concerts, as well as through the implementation of an individual Creative Project, while research, critical and expository skills will be demonstrated through the implementation of a Core Research Project.

Feedback is given through dedicated structured feedback forms for each module assignment and through documented tutorials / discussions with the student.


Key dates of the academic calendar: There are two teaching terms per year, winter term and spring term, each of thirteen weeks plus three weeks of exams, corresponding with the normal academic terms.

Provisional academic year dates (2021-2022):

  • Winter Term: 4 October – 23 January
  • Christmas Break: 20 December – 9 January
  • End of Winter Term Exams: 24 January – 13 February
  • Spring Term: 14 February – 29 May
  • Easter Break: 18 April – 1 May
  • End of Spring Term Exams: 30 May – 19 June

Enrolment Week: 27 September – 3 October

The academic calendar for each academic year is officially announced at the end of the previous academic year.


The tuition fees for the academic year 2021 – 2022 are set at:

  • EU Fees: €6.900,00
  • Non-EU Fees: €11.900,00

The above fees are set for one academic year and may be subject to an annual increase.
Please note that the fees applied to the 1st year of studies will remain the same throughout the whole 4-year duration of the programme.

The Athens Conservatoire College of Music (ACCM), in its commitment to support students from all backgrounds, offers scholarships which cover tuition fees either in full or in part.
The scholarships are funded by bequests, supporting foundations, sponsors, and the ACCM’s own funding.
All scholarships are awarded on the basis of musical merit and are decided after consideration of the candidate’s admission application and audition.


The programme is delivered by a select staff of experienced performing artists and academics through a combination of individual tutorials, tutorials in small groups, lectures, seminars, workshops and supervised rehearsals leading to student concerts. Visiting guest artists and academics further enrich the curriculum through specialised masterclasses and lectures.
Detailed bios of our staff can be found here.